13 perks of living in Churachandpur

The accent of one's birthplace remains in the mind and in the heart as in one's speech.
~Francis De La Rocherfoucauld

Who doesnot love her birth place. Admit it, we all do. Priyanka Chopra's song " In my City" offshoot will be my version of "In my Churachandpur". I love Churachandpur, One of the 9 district of manipur. located in the south-western corner of the Indian state of Manipur. The largest district in Manipur, I have wriiiten places to spots out while in churachandpur few weeks ago. 

Here goes perks of living in My district.

1. No languages bar.

Here you can find people with various walk of life from different communities. Vaiphei, Thadou, Hmar, Mizo, Paite, Zou, Simte , Gangte and to your amaze there are people from various state of the country V.i.z Bihar, Uttrar-Pradesh, West Bengal, Nepal and Punjab.
There's no language boundary here, you can speak one of the above tribal languages and the one to whom you are speaking will definitely make sense of what you are up to. 
Shillong KSO representing tribes from Churachandpur

2. Massive football lovers

North-eastern India is known as massive lovers of football by mainland India . My district is no less. All community seldom comes up in one platform unless it is a football match. Pupu and pipi (Old ages uncle and aunt) are like more of enthusiastic in this matter.  Pupu,my neighbor once ask me to watch the semi-final match last vacation. 
Pupus busy cheering for their favorite team

MSYC Player kick off
Football Lovers at SK Tournament 2014 Final match

ZNN tourney Final

3. Food and Vegetable market. 

If you are a foodie, you will no doubt love the vegetable market. The town is a market places, a place of exchange. every morning, fresh vegetable from all direction of district ( singat, tuila, leimata and more.. ) comes to this places to sell their freshly pick vegetables.
sa land( houses for non veg) all types of meat : beef, pork, chicken and more is available.adding to it, the traditional cuisine we miss when not at home. 
Vegetable road side market at Churachandpur

Pork taste best with Mustard leaves

Another Road side vegetable market

4. A place for all. 

God doesn't make every one perfect . Undoubtedly we are with flaws and full of imperfection. 
God create those with disabilities so that the one who are gift without any of those knows the value of it. 

(A)Uncle thothong, He roam around the street slap any random person. But people here, what they do will move your heart. He was awarded "Disability award".  Kudos to the  Committee. 

The talk of the town: Thothong

Posing for the lens: Thothong

(b) Another non-resident uncle, who used a kids bicycle to move his belonging around the town. unfortunately he was found dead somewhere. Like they treated a normal person, his funeral was also well maintained. 

(c) The Malsawm initiatives
The initiative meant for differently able in the town. The story behind will make your eye wet.
TMI Christmas carol 2014

Lovely kids in TMI

(d) The Sanga muon-inn
A home for orphans, this roof serve as a parent for almost 100+ children, seeing the hope in their eyes and their dedication and the love they spread will make you love them. 
The sanga muon inn'ers

5. Warm Hospitality

The sweet smiles that serves you at each doorstep, the friendly gesture of the people will make you feel like home. even though you're not from the place. 
Gospel Singer Ng.Lalparzo and her killer smile

6. Public transport

Few years ago, town bus ply from Bungmuol  to Zalenmun, Too limited it was that Paupu auto (Tempo) generation force all the town bus to a halt . connectivity between two village ease to a certain level that you can get public transport at your doorstep. ( demerits: noise, and traffic) 

7. The enthusiasm to celebrate Christmas , palm Sunday

Christmas aroma; and its family time. Christmas dresses . The roads during  Christmas make you feel like you're in a market in shanghai.
 Early palm Sunday morning gives you the feeling of Jerusalem, all church member , before dawn celebrates the coming of Jesus to Jerusalem. 

Palm Sunday observed in Lamka Churachandpur - Videos 

8. Beautiful and green looks

If you are a nature lover, a walk to the Ngaloi fall will give you a relief, look down and you will see the beautiful landscape of the town. a few km more and you will be surrounded by cliff. 

View of the town from Saidan Muol ( PICS credit : Alan Famhoite photography. source : Virthlhi.in)

9. Have you ever wonder how the climate is awesome through the year.
Its never too cold ( no snow) and never too hot ( you can manage without fan) 

10. No beggar

Ever wonder , no matter how mainland India give bad impact on Northeast India, i can proudly declare that there are less lazy  people here. They work to eat, how poor though. give a thought, there lies a message for all. 

11. Diverse tradition and their beautiful traditional dresses.

we have something in common yet we have something that makes us proud of our own. 
Go traditional..

12. Great personalities from the District

Mary Kom, She needs no explanation . An Indian boxer. She is a five-time World Amateur Boxing champion, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships ( Do i miss out something ) 
Pi. Mary kom 

13. Beautiful and handsome youngsters 

The town esp.during Christmas bring out the best in them-self and the moment when their sharp dressing sense come into use is during Christmas. For me i go WOW... certainly...... you will too.. 
Chung chollha actor Jerry Fanai with friends

Beautiful Hmar Nungak

You don't have time to love people if you judge them. Mother Teresa quotes this beautifully. Denying the fact that life in Churachandpur is not as easy with the hatred, water problem and more problems to count. give your heart another break and forget that this place is not a good one. try looking from your optimistic perspective and take time to love it. 

Photo credits: Phualvatimes, Alan photography(virthlhi.in), Google.


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